Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Time of Shakespeare

The time of Shakespeare was a very gross environment. William Shakespeare wrote a lot of plays and some sonnets. Here are a few things that Shakespeare might have done when he lived.

Going to the dentist in Shakespeare's day was a painful and dangerous thing to do. If you had a cavity back then and you had to go to the dentist you could have had your tooth puled without Novocaine. And if you had the money, you could have paid for a new tooth donated by an animal or a dead person. And it was deadly to go to the dentist back then. You could lose a whole lot of your blood and die.

Another thing that was really gross back then was how people went to the bathroom. Since they didn't have toilets they usually used a bucket. After they did their business, they would throw the contents of the bucket out on the streets. Kings and Queens probably just used a hole in a room which led to a pipe which led to a stream or under could.

The last thing that was very gross in Shakespeare's time was that regular ordinary kids sicknesses were very deadly. If a kid fell off a tree and broke their leg, they would just have to lay in bed and hope that their leg healed. Because they didn't have children's Ibuprofen back then they only had about 10% chance of living.

Shakespeare lived in a really gross time. They didn't have toilets, they had horrible dentistry and they had no way of curing sick kids. I would have loved to have seen Shakespeare in real life but I would have hated to have lived in his environment.