Monday, June 10, 2013

10 Things to do When You're Bored

Here are 10 things to do when you are completely out of fun activates.

1. Paint Your Nails: Make your nails stand out. Use a neon, dark, or even a clear color. It's always fun to make different patterns on your fingers.

2. Read a Book: I know what your thinking, "Books are boring." or "There's nothing left to read." Find a book that you've already read. You don't have to read the entire thing all over again, just scan through it and read your favorite parts. Or you could even find a book at the library that's real fun like a craft book, or a THE GIRL'S HANDBOOK TO FUN or something like that. Books don't have to be boring.

3. Play a Game: It's always fun to just sit around the table and play a game with your family. Whether it's a board game or a card game. You could even make up your own game that you can make up your own rules to.

4. Do a Craft: There are plenty of things that you could transform into your own creation. Turn an old book into a room decoration, or make origami. Find a craft book at the library, or make up your own thingy-mabob that your mom will not want in the house. Maybe you could paint a self-portrait of your sibling and give it to your mom for her birthday. The possibilities are endless when you think of crafts.

5. Fashion Show! Invite your friends over and dress up like crazy models. Pick three or more outfits each, hang up curtains in a doorway, and lay out a carpet. Put some music on (or don't, it really doesn't matter), and make up your own dance as you do your own catwalk down the runway.

6. Put on a Play: Get your sibling(s), write a funny skit, grab some costumes, put up a curtain (for backstage), and put on a play for your family's enjoyment.

7. Do a Photo Shoot: Use a camera, iPod or something that has a camera on it. Set up a cute background in a room that gets a lot of sunlight. Put on different cloths and make up funny poses. After all that, smile for the camera and snap some great photos. When the pictures come out, frame them or keep them and show your kids in the future of how silly you used to be.

8. Write a Letter: Why not write a letter to your pen-pal? Tell him or her how you are, what the weather has been like, and the fun things from this list that you've been doing. If you don't have a pen-pal, write to a friend or family member. You can even add pictures or tiny presents if you want to.

9. Make Something Yummy: If you have a blender, oven, or even a bowl and spoon, why not make or bake something sweet for your family to enjoy? Make a smoothie or milkshake in the blender, cookies or cupcakes in the oven, or a simple fruit salad in the bowl.

10. Go for a Walk: It's always nice to get out of the house for a while and take a gentle walk. Some fresh air is always good for you. Go with your family or friend(s) and just take a simple walk around your neighborhood or local park. Maybe you could bring money and get a treat at a small shop or a gas station.

I could make this list endless, but there is so much that you will want to read so I limited it to 10. I hope that you make use of this list and put some of these fun activates to action. And I hope that you have a fun time doing them!