Wednesday, October 31, 2012

fun pictures

some friends and me
 A good friend
Another good friend
 A cold friend
 My friend's little sister


Halloween is today, and i am really exited.

Unfrorunatley, because of the huge storm, trick or treating is changed to  saturday so that's a big bummer for me.

but i am still dressing up. at my youth group they are having a costume contest, and i am dressing up as a character from The Lord Of The Rings and i am pretty sure i will win.

But the time for trick or treating is also changed to the afternoon instead of the eavning. WHICH TOTALLY STINKS!!!!!!

But hay, we still get to do it.

BTW (by the way) i am now starting a book. and every time i finish a chapter, i will post it on my blog. (i think)

anywhoo, have a great halloween everyone!

P.S. do not start playing christmas music until after thanksgiving. 


Thursday, October 11, 2012

teen quest

Okay, so my church youth ministry is having this thing called Teen Quest.

It's a weekend retreat starting tomorrow, and I am SO EXITED TO GO!!!!:-)

When you get there, you get in your cabin... and...well... I don't know what happens after that but there are a lot of fun activities that you do while your there.

There is scare mare, mountain boarding, a lake, midnight corn maze, and SO MUCH MORE!!!!:-)

And they provide all the food.