This page is for the small, yet meaningful stories that I write.

The Other Side 
Part 1

Dark clouds swirled around the snow-capped peaks while the wind-whipped, stinging rain battered my face. I watched the carriage which brought me here slowly drive away into the storm, and I desperately prayed for it to come back and take me home. But I knew that it would not. As I pulled my traveling cloak tighter around my neck, I turned to make my way towards the large castle that lay before me.

It was a rather large castle, with turrets and balconies everywhere I looked. It might have been rather pretty if not for the raging storm surrounding it. For a moment when I stepped out of the carriage, I had thought--and hoped--that the driver had brought me to the wrong address. For it looked as if it was haunted by ghosts and vampires. I shuddered at the thought of monsters living in the same building as I, and continued my anxious stride.

While different thoughts and feelings swum through my head, I noticed something in the window above me. I peered up in fear and noticed a small figure staring down at me. Startled, I jumped and turned away, shielding my eyes from what I fervently hoped was not a ghost. I risked a short glance back up to the window, and found that whatever it was had left the frame. Telling myself it was only my imagination, I started quickly back up the path toward the front door. Getting rid of my childish thoughts, I knocked weakly on the great doors, wondering what waited on the other side.

The Birthday Present

It was a very lonely spring morning. The birds didn't sing, the dogs didn't bark, the little boys who used to play in the empty lot didn't yell and play and the little girls didn't sit quietly and play with their hand-made, fabric dolls. All that was left from the planet earth was a single woman. She never talked, for she could not. She never smiled, for she had forgotten how. She had never felt so alone on what should have been the most important day of her entire, one century life.
    Today was the lady's 100th birthday, yet she had no one to celebrate with her but the empty planet that was filled with nothingness. As she got out of her crooked and beat up bed, she started her day like any other. Showered and dressed her frail and petite body, fed her empty stomach, brushed her sickly brown and crooked teeth, and sat on the porch of her beat up, old house.
    But today was different. As she sat on her creaky rocking chair, she noticed a light in the distance. Something she had only seen before once before was now standing right in front of her, another human, just like her.
    For the first time in 100 years, she smiled.

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