Friday, February 28, 2014


This is completely random.

But in my Co-op, we have a very small high school class.

Like, four people small.

I know.

Anyway, we sometimes get sidetracked, 

and off topic.

This is where our conversation led to:

Teacher: Are you guys watching the Olympics?

Me: Yeah, I love watching the ice skating.

Teacher: Do you guys watch the luge?

Classmate: What's the luge?

Teacher: It's like the bobsled, only smaller.

Me: That sounds fun. Maybe I should try it!


Spelunking comes up.

Me: Oh, I could go spelunking in a luge someday!

Brother: You'll probably die.

Me: I know, but I still think that it would be fun.


Chocolate covered chicken came up.

Me: Oh, I could go spelunking in a luge someday, while eating a chocolate covered chicken!

Classmate: What about stalactites and stalagmites?

Me: I would have two machetes in my hands.

Everyone: Wow.

That's just how weird I am.

Spelunking: To explore caves, especially as a hobby.

Luge: A one or two-person sled for coasting and racing down a chute, used especially in Europe.


Today, I'm going to post about


Our season ended about a week and a half ago.

I played, two of my brothers played, and my dad coached.

We had a really fun season.

We had a couple of laughs,

a little bit of silliness 

and a lot of sweating.

But over all,

we had a great time.

I feel so blessed to have a great team and a great coach!