Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Chocolate Trifle

Chocolate Trifle

When I take my first bite, it melts in my mouth, it’s rich, chewy, and moist. My mom’s homemade Chocolate Trifle is probably one of the most gooey and scrumptious desserts that has ever entered my mouth. The part that tickles my taste buds the most is the chocolate pudding. It’s the smoothest, creamiest part in the trifle. Then there is the chocolate cake. The thick, velvety chocolate cake is rich and mouth watering. There are also crunchy chocolate chips hidden inside this combination of tastiness. Finally, at the very top of this mountain of chocolate, is the whipped topping that melts in your mouth. Chocolate trifle is definitely one of the top 5 on my favorite dessert list!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Dear reader...

Dear precious gift of God,
this is a note to tell you that you have a Savior who loves you so much that He died one of the most painful deaths you can imagine. and then rose from the dead three days later. (which is why we celebrate Easter) His name is Jesus. if you believe that died to save you from going to hell, and confess all your sins to Him, then you are a christian, all you half to do is pray this prayer:

                           Dear God
                           I am a terrible sinner. I pray that
                           You would come into my heart
                           and live there forever, i pray that
                           you would forgive me of all my
                           sins. and i thank you for sending
                           your son Jesus to die on the cross
                           for my sins.

There! now if you prayed that prayer and really meant it than you are a christian and a changed person and i can't wait to see you in heavan!


  your loving sister in Christ,


Sunday, November 25, 2012

Imagining Christmas

My friend Abby who writes on The Writings of Abby Grace, wrote a post about Thanksgiving, and she inspired me to write a post about Christmas.

Imagine you are me for a just a moment. It is Christmas Eve and you have come home from the Christmas Eve church service tired, and hungry for supper. You help your mom set the table and then wait for your aunt and uncle to arrive for Christmas Eve dinner. After you eat, you visit with them for a little bit, they leave and your parents give you and each of your siblings a brightly wrapped gift. When mom and dad say so,  you rip open the present like there's no tomorrow. And you find soft pajamas. You rush to your bedroom to put them on, and it's almost like you are wrapped in a cloud. Then  when you are all cozy in your pjs, your mom reads The Night Before Christmas out loud. Then you all fall asleep in your bed with a smile on your face, and dream about what Christmas is going to be like when you wake up.

When your dream finally ends, you rub your eyes and grin the biggest grin you can pull off. You run up and down the upstairs hallway and yell at the top of your lungs, "It's Christmas everyone, wake up!" When your siblings get up, you all go over to the window so you can see when your dad gets home from taking care of a relative's pet. While you are waiting to dig your teeth into a soft, warm, frosted cinnamon roll for breakfast you are jumping up and down and flapping your arms with excitement.

When your dad finally gets home, you yell down the stairway, "Can we come down now?" And when your parents finally say yes, you rush down the stairs. They videotape you while you rush into the living room that is filled with Christmas cheer. As soon as you walk in, Jingle Bells is ringing in your ears. You see a bright fire crackling in the wood burner. When you open your bulging stocking, you find chocolate candy, little toys, and if you are a girl, some jewelry. If you are a boy, you might find Star Wars action figures, a coloring book and crayons, a Toys R Us gift card and many other fun treats. When your done with that, you go out to the kitchen to finally taste those hot-n-ready cinnamon rolls.

After waiting for what seems like an hour for your dad to finish his breakfast, you sprint back into the living room and hand everyone their first gift. (I call it 'being Santa') You want Christmas to last forever, so you gently open your first gift, and scream at the top of your lungs when you find the gift you've been asking for all year. (A new song, "I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas" is playing on the radio) You also get some smaller toys, books, and other things that you put on your Christmas list for Santa. When you look around at the piles of torn paper and shiny new presents, you feel so happy and blessed you could burst wide open.

 After you are all finished opening your presents, you watch new movie while your parents fall asleep on the couch. (You have to turn up the volume because they are snoring so loud!) Afterwards, you put all of the trash from opened gifts, and put all the toys ("neatly," says your dad) back under the tree, and plan on putting them away tomorrow. Then at about 2:00 you have your big Christmas lunch in your pj's.

That night when you go to bed, you think to yourself, "I can't believe that Christmas is over already!" And then fall asleep thinking about how sweet next year's Christmas will to be.


(You can stop imagining your me now)

Saturday, November 17, 2012

up date

 About the contest, only one person voted on that, so Esther from heart of the Hartman's wins! Yay!

 I found out what I am doing for Thanksgiving, I'M GOING TO VIRGINIA! to visit my mom's brother. so that will be reallly nice.

How has everyone been? Good I hope.

Guess who memorized all of James 1? I can say the whole thing without using the bible.


There is nothing else really that I could write about, so


Saturday, November 10, 2012

Thanksgiving's 'a' comin'!

hay everybody! it's me, i just wanted to say hi, and get you up to date on everything that's going on.

so you know that thanksgiving is coming, so what are your plans? you don't have to tell me.

we don't know what we are doing yet. but i still hope yours goes well.

okay so here are some thanksgiving pictures, and i want you to vote on the cutest. whoever i pick (it will be 
a random pick) will win... you can be mentioned on my blog or something.

so here they are! (make sure you make your vote before next Saturday)

okay,so pick your favorite and i will announce the winner a week from today!