What I Believe

Jesus is my Lord and Savior. He was nailed to a cross, spit on and whipped to save ME! He did that because He loves me so so very much. He preformed so many miracles that I can't even count. But I know that because it's all written in the Bible, the book that He made for us through prophets. Like David who wrote Psalms, and John who wrote Revelation. All that I am trying to say here is that because I believe that Jesus died on the cross because He loves us, and that I repent to Him all of my sins, I will go to heaven when I die. And not hell.

When Jesus saved me, I was laying down with my dad when I was about 5 years old. We were talking and I asked him if everyone gets to go to Heavan. My dad said no, and he told me that people only go to Heavan if they have a personal relationship with Jesus. So then he asked me if I wanted to have a personal relationship with Jesus, and I said "Yes daddy" Then he prayed with me, and at that moment, Jesus moved into my heart that night, and I will never forget what He did for me!

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