Tuesday, June 5, 2012

random things

Okay, so i am tired of writing the 30 day challenge down so i am going to stop. but you can leave a comment if you want me to write more.

so i told you that i would give you the winners today about the pups. but there weren't many people who voted, so i will wait for next tuesday.

since i am writing about random stuff i might as well tell you what's going on at my house..
we are currently wrapping up school, so we are pretty much done. "we just have some organizing and cleaning to do" says my mom.

noah broke his wrist on the tire swing this past weekend, had to get a cast, poor guy. but at least he can make up a manly story of how he broke it: "yeah, it's broke but i sent the guy crying to his mom when i was through with him." or something like that.

so sy is playing baseball...we just got over a complete porch makeover...bla...bla...bla. so that's it.


  1. Sounds pretty busy!We have a bit more school to do as well, just finishing things up! Yeah, Noah's story is pretty typical for a boy. Tell everyone I said hi! We're leaving for the ocean on Thursday, see ya soon!