Saturday, September 22, 2012

let's BASH!!!

yesterday was our youth BASH NIGHT for our church. it was a blast.

unfortunately i forgot my camera so i'll try to describe it as well as i can.

first of all you wait in like and pay 7 dollars to get in (and you bring extra money for food)

then they tell you to fill out a card, and go into the sanctuary.

then they explain everything that will be going on.

after that they let you loose and you just do whatever you want!

so let me tell you what they had:

1. nine square in the air

2. 3 on 3 basketball

3. volleyball

4. football

5. hamster balls

(make sure your picturing this in your head)

6. food

7. bungee run

8. jousting

9. video game trailer

AND SO MUCH MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!